Which operator has the best fixed and mobile Internet speed?

Which operator has the best fixed and mobile Internet speed

The Internet, fixed or mobile, occupies a preponderant place in our lives. Therefore, when you choose an internet box or a mobile plan, you necessarily want to know which is the best fixed or mobile Internet operator . And, we invariably ask ourselves these kinds of questions: which is the fastest Internet operator? ; Which carrier works best with me? For the simple and good reason that we are all looking for the best fiber or ADSL speed, the best 4G or 5G speed .

A piece of advice to start with: do not rely on theoretical maximum speeds

In life, there are things that we would like to have, which are of the order of fantasy, and the things that we really have. In terms of fixed and mobile Internet, it’s the same: there are the theoretical maximum speeds, displayed by the operators, and the actual speeds, which are delivered by our box or our smartphone.

In ADSL, for example, the operators communicate by saying that it is possible to reach up to 20 Mb/s, up to 50 Mb/s in VDSL and up to 95 Mb/s. it’s the same, Internet service providers say that it is possible to have fiber up to 300 Mb/s, 1 Gb/s, 2 Gb/s, 5 Gb/s, or even 8 Gb/s, depending on the offers. When it comes to mobile internet, it’s the same thing. 4G/4G+ would allow a speed of up to 150 or 250 Mb/s. As for 5G, mobile telephone operators indicate that it allows a speed of 615 Mb/s in the 2 band. .1 GHz and 2.1 Gb/s in the 3.5 GHz bands.

But, let’s be clear and make no mistake about it. These are theoretical flows. They were obtained in the laboratory , by placing the technology or the network to be tested in optimal conditions. Far from the real conditions you have when you are on the Internet from your computer or your smartphone. Except that the operators have every interest in communicating on the possible profit rather than on the real profit. It’s more of a seller. The debits are a commercial argument and have only an indicative value .

Because, in real life, it is extremely difficult to have the theoretical maximum flow displayed by the operators . In their defense, however, it is impossible for them to put forward figures that respond to the real situation of each user. There are indeed too many parameters that can influence the quality of an Internet connection. Distrust, therefore, when you subscribe to an internet box or a mobile plan, expect to have lower speed, even very lower, than that which you could claim. You just need to do a speed test to find out.

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