Our advice to protect yourself from the waves of smartphones

protect yourself from the waves of smartphones

The majority of children, or adults for that matter, do not use a hands-free kit during calls. Admittedly, mobile telephony does not present serious effects in the immediate future. But in the long term, we ask ourselves questions about the effects of the waves. As well as the use of various electrical appliances such as microwaves or meters.

The rules for the proper use of devices emitting waves

Mobile phones can produce waves that are harmful to the human body . To reduce the level of exposure to waves sent by telephones, here are some tips that can help you:

Use a hands-free kit to limit exposure to waves or Bluetooth;

Avoid conversations that are too long in the ear;

Give preference to SMS for better protection against the waves;

Avoid phoning for too long on public transport and favor areas with good reception;

Choose mobile phones with a low specific absorption rate , precisely indicating the amount of energy transmitted by electromagnetic fields.

Smartphones electromagnetic waves: an important subject

Electromagnetic fields are found in nature, but the vast majority were created by man: wifi, electrical appliances, mobile phones… These devices have significant electromagnetic emissions , but at various frequencies.

But the electromagnetic radiation emitted by smartphones is part of what worries the most, according to the National Agency of Frequencies. Indeed, we spend an average of 2 to 4 hours a day in front of our screen.

To manage electromagnetic hypersensitivity and limit the health effects of harmful waves, manufacturers must inform the SAR or specific absorption rate. It is an index expressing the quantity of electromagnetic radiation absorbed!

Find out more about smartphone waves here! You will learn how to better use your phone and how to avoid the waves.

Are the waves emitted by telephones dangerous?

Government studies have been conducted to better understand the dangers of electromagnetic waves  emitted by smartphones and to verify the biological effects (tumors, headaches, carcinogenic effects, etc.).

According to the results, exposure to harmful high frequency waves will increase the temperature of biological tissues and cause:

The various electromagnetic radiations

There are two kinds of electromagnetic waves: high frequency and low frequency .

As far as high-frequency electromagnetic sources are concerned, we find visible light, UV rays and gamma rays… These are sources that can be particularly harmful to humans. But we can also find electrical devices under high voltage or electrical networks including transformers and electric motors.

For low frequency waves, devices that emit waves of this type are used on a daily basis. We recense :

  • Smartphones and cell towers;
  • cordless telephones;
  • Wifi and connected devices;
  • Bluetooth and wireless connected objects.

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