Chatbot or human contact?

Chatbot or human contact

To optimize its customer service, a company uses either human contact, i.e. the telephone, or the chatbot. The chatbot is gaining more and more followers. Nevertheless, the telephone still retains its place. Are you hesitating to choose between a chatbot and customer service by phone? Learn the pros and cons of each customer support tool.

Telephone customer service: the pros and cons

The telephone is still the most popular means of communication and customer support tool. Even if we consider the telephone as an old-fashioned accessory, customer service by telephone remains privileged by companies . Moreover, thanks to the evolution of technology, the functionalities of the telephone also evolve. For example, you can use a special number provided by , a professional customer relationship operator.

Customer service by telephone to create a relationship of trust with customers

Telephone customer service favors human contact. And we all know how effective this approach can be in establishing a relationship of trust with customers. Sometimes a customer’s displeasure shows up in the tone of their voice or a soft sigh. Thanks to his expertise and his sense of listening , the account manager can pick up these signals and deal with the problem quickly. The client attaches great importance to this response and to this responsiveness.

No customer will leave a company that cares about them. Customers naturally need a human presence to help them solve such and such a problem. Precisely, the customer service by telephone makes it possible to offer customers the attention they are looking for.

Customer service by phone: a service not always available

Unavailability is one of the major drawbacks of customer service by telephone. Since the agent can only answer one call at a time, other customers have to wait. This situation can become very frustrating and work against you.

Chatbot: the pros and cons

The chatbot is a revolutionary technology for improving customer support.

Chatbot: efficient data collection and analysis

The chatbot allows you to have customer service available at all times. The customer benefits from assistance at all times. For the company, he replaces an employee who will never leave his job. In other words, the chatbot allows him to have a functional customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, the chatbot does not just respond to customers. During the exchanges, it also collects and analyzes all the call data. For example, this smart machine is able to specify:

Chatbot: a service that does not meet the specific needs of customers

As programmable software, the chatbot can answer calls and direct your customers to the best options. However, he cannot do anything about a particular situation or request. You can also read: paper cup: the ecological alternative to replace plastic .

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