Can we animate a logo?

Can we animate a logo?

The logo is essential to promote your company. It is indeed one of the first steps of a communication strategy. This graphic creation through which your customers identify you can be animated. Animated logos have become a new trend for many companies. Here is their impact on your image.

Why make an animated logo?

The last few years have seen animated logos take over several industries. Technological developments now allow a video creation agency such as the platform to design your animated logos. There are many formats available for these files, GIF, SVG, CSS etc.

Animated logos are attractive

The digital world has favored the rise of dynamic content such as videos. The same is true for animated elements of user interfaces, mobile applications and websites. Want to make your first logo? Bring some originality to your identity with an animated logo . Logo animation is fun and it activates memorization. Your logo will therefore have a better chance of remaining engraved in the memory of the public than a frozen logo. This is a huge marketing advantage that allows you to immediately impose your brand identity. The animation of your logo allows you to stand out from your competitors.

The animation allows to put more information on the logo

A frozen logo seems overloaded when there is a lot of information written in it. This is not the case with an animated logo, which can be transformed into a small presentation without being unattractive. You can show off a new product, promotion, or just your brand story . The images will follow one another as in a video. It’s an entertaining way to introduce yourself or your products to your potential customers or prospects. For example, Skype lists its values ​​in its animated logo.

The animated logo can convey an emotion

To show that you are a business in tune with the times, opt for a dynamic logo. Your customers will perceive this uncommon graphic element as innovative. You can also insert a message highlighting the festive side of your company , for example for an event company. It is also possible to create a mascot to increase the interest of Internet users.

Note that the animated logo is similar to a video, so you can convey all the emotions you want in it through this multimedia element. Google doodles are perfect illustrations. They are put online by the American giant to celebrate significant historical events .

How to use an animated logo?

Once you’ve made your animated logo, it’s important to know how to use it. You can put it on social media, in a presentation or on your website.


Retention rate is a marketing term for the proportion of visitors who stay on your web platform for a set amount of time. When this rate is high, it means that Internet users are staying on your site long enough. It is interesting to know that videos increase the retention rate on a website. It is therefore appropriate to put your animated logo on your web platform to make it more attractive.

Social networks

Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook accumulate millions of subscribers. Information is available in large quantities on these social networks, in fairly standard forms. Users can get tired of it very quickly. New types of content are therefore needed to generate new enthusiasm . The animated logo becomes effective in the news feeds of these networks. Subscribers will therefore quite easily notice your logo in motion. You can even put it as your profile picture or status. Just convert to GIF if it’s in another format.

Powerpoint presentations and videos

On the cover page, at the top of each page or on the last, an animated logo brings more life to your presentations than a static image. It can be introduced to a presentation video of your brand or an interview. The dynamic logo produces a nice effect in intro or outro.

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