Create your email address with your domain name

Create your email address with your domain name

Each hosting provider presents panels of various options: email transfers, absence messages, coding or filter options… As regards the management of these messaging services, the hosts provide as a rule generally a control panel . You can access it using your customer number, or even your user name, accompanied by your password.


Professional success goes hand in hand with a serious presentation. This also applies to communications by e-mail. While free email addresses generally convey an unprofessional image, businesses and freelancers can create trustworthy email addresses by using their own email domain, task-oriented or person- oriented as needed.


With the most popular free email providers, millions of users communicate under one and the same domain. It quickly became difficult to register a simple and concise username as it should be. In general, common combinations of first and last names are already assigned, so users often have to resort to combinations of numbers in addition:


With a dedicated email domain, users are assured of lasting independence from existing popular services. If a supplier wishes to restructure its product range or if a store ceases its activity, the owner of a private email domain can easily make a change of web server if necessary. In France, .fr domains, for example, benefit from intellectual property protection and financial value. A user account will depend on the domain and a change in the latter affects the email addresses it uses.

No advertising

Free email accounts are generally bound by advertising contracts. However, it’s not just free service providers that take advantage of the influx of users to spread advertisements. The classic and uniform pattern of free email addresses ( [email protected] ) allows spammers to easily obtain recipients for their advertising content. A dedicated email domain is based on a paid and personalized model, which does without advertisements and which minimizes the risk of spam .


Cybercriminals also expect high results when they send malicious programs like viruses or Trojans to addresses of free providers. The latter are a prime target for hacking and phishing attempts of all kinds. A dedicated email domain greatly reduces these risks.

Reduction of typos

Properly configured addresses with a private email domain are significantly more reliable than addresses from free providers. Thanks to the “Catch-all” function , you can retrieve all emails sent to the domain name ( and where the username was not recognized due to a typing error ( This process greatly reduces the loss of emails.

Make sure you have an email address with your domain name

The filing of a domain name is centralized. Each top-level domain is administered by an organization. In the case of .fr , this is AFNIC , the French association for cooperative Internet naming . Customers wishing to register their new domain names under the . fr use their registrars (or registrars) who act as intermediaries between customers and AFNIC. As for the second level domain, the name you want, the procedure is done in a domain registrar. IONOS is an affordable and simple solution. We support you in registering the domain of your choice by offering you three steps to follow:

Step 1: Choose a hosting provider

AFNIC accredits many registrars whose services are all different. The selection criteria for creating your own email address with your domain name included are multiple. The most important thing is to find out about the storage capacity but also about the availability of the transfer process such as POP3 and IMAP. In addition, you need to find out about the location of the data storage server. These servers can indeed be located anywhere in the world.

Step 2: verify the domain name

After finding your email hosting provider , it is worth checking the availability of the domain name you wish to have. Since the domain name is linked to the national top-level domain .fr , the supplier executes a request to AFNIC. The example given is as you see it already taken. To overcome this problem, it is necessary to change the top level domain. The choice is vast. The example below indicates the following: .info , .club , .global , .boutique …

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